Onsite Planting Camps


This oniste camp was set up in 1968 during a slasher contract on the S. bank of the Nation River, for clearing standing forest in the pondage reservoir ahead of the rising water of the Bennet Dam, in what was later named Williston Lake. . The plastic lean-to shelter (a 100’X20’ roll of 4 mill plastic was $20, 6 mill was $30) with moose meat smoking over the fire, was inspired by First Nations friend Dirk met in the bush, Francis Isaac who lived with his wife Jean and their six kids in a larger multiplex shelter while piece-rate falling. Francis was First Councillor of the Ingenika Dene, a nomadic people who roamed a traditional territory of several million hectares. This camp on-site method was a great fit for planting, first implemented when Dirk and friends got their first planting contract in 1970. PS the first day of planting was the last day Dirk ate meat and Brinkman's first year’s planting camps were vegetarian.