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Brinkman & Associates began working in Ontario in 1982 and has spearheaded the growth and the diversification of the Ontario silviculture industry. Today, Brinkman operates offices out of Ottawa, Thunder Bay and the GTA. We also maintain equipment warehouses in both North Bay, Thunder Bay and Dryden. We plant between 15 and 20 million trees in Ontario every year.

The Ontario division is a well-established and diversified silviculture service provider. Our client base extends throughout the province – both in Northern and Southern Ontario. Although planting remains our core activity, we also carry out a variety of brushing, thinning, surveying, slash pile burning, herbicide application, fire camp and restoration projects that continue into late November.

Traditionally, Ontario has hired more inexperienced planters than Alberta and BC. Although tree prices in Ontario are sometimes marginally lower than Alberta and BC, the quality specifications and the terrain are often more manageable in Ontario – especially for the first year planter. Basically, it is easier to plant a tree so you can get up to speed faster and make every day count – which is important in seasonal work. We have also created a program which efficiently and effectively trains our first year planters and gets them up to speed within 10 days.

It is important to remember that because Brinkman works across Canada and not just in Ontario, we are able to provide work mobility for our experienced planters. The vast majority of planters who start in Ontario, stay in Ontario to plant year after year and make great money and have a great time doing it. We think you will too!

The main planting season in northern Ontario runs from May 1st until July 1st. If you are only available to work for these two months because of a summer commitment, northern Ontario is probably the best place for you to work. For those of you who prefer to plant in Ontario but want to work beyond May and June, some years we are able to offer work in Alberta for July, and work on our August contracts in Ontario.

Brinkman also works in Southern Ontario in our Restoration division. We work with long term clients on both public and private land. The positions in Southern Ontario involve a mix of treeplanting and herbicide application. The length of season is similar to that in Northern Ontario (May and June) but some positions are also available in April. This work allows workers to stay closer to home but is not a typical tree planting experience. You are generally working out of motels not bush camps. If working in Southern Ontario appeals to you, please make note of this on your application.

For more information on working in Ontario contact:

[email protected]

Attn: Neil Whan
Ontario Project Coordinator

Some quick Stats about Planting in Ontario:

• We hire or rehire 350+ planters each year
• Of those over 50% are experienced
• 40% of our workforce and almost 50% of our management is female
• Our spring planting season is about 40 work days ( ~8 weeks including days off).
• Additional work: Experienced planters can work on our Southern Ontario early work in April, and all planters that worked during the Spring Season can apply to work on our August plant. This is another 10-15 work days
• ~20 days of extra silviculture work: surveying, burning, cone picking, thinning
• Our average tree price is 9.6 cents this year
• We work 3 or 4 days on and 1 day off
• DPA is $25

Award-Winning Safety Program – We take your safety seriously: our staff are required to have a Standard First Aid Certificate; our camps have a First Aid Representative and a Safety Representative; our emergency response program is updated regularly; our drivers are required to complete our Designated Driver Program. Brinkman’s OH&S program has been recognized by the WSIB.