About Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd.

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The Brinkman treeplanting story began half a century ago on a cut block in British Columbia. The trees we planted on that first contract are now older than most of our crew members. Since then we've planted more than a billion and a quarter trees, transforming the forestry industry along the way.

Planting trees is no longer seen as an investment in the distant future. It's part of the cost of cutting timber today. But thanks to Brinkman best practices, the forests we plant now are healthier than ever — ensuring a better-quality yield the next time. That's sustainability in action.

Having our hands in the soil all this time has taught us how natural systems work together, supporting and enriching human communities. Without stewardship, without balance, there is no economy. We've learned how to plant a sapling – or an idea – so its roots grow strong and deep.

Success in the field means success for our crews. Brinkman has provided safe, rewarding employment to thousands of workers over the decades. Season after season, we're proud to welcome back the most motivated planters in North America – true forest athletes. If you're ready to join us, please visit our sister site: PlantingThePlanet.com