Full Cycle Silviculture Services

Brinkman is dedicated to looking at forest management in a holistic way, utilizing ecosystem based management techniques to integrate the multiple values that the forest ecosystem provides for people and the environment in a sustainable way.

In Canada, Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. provides comprehensive suite of silviculture and forestry management services with a focus on establishing and managing forest stands to maximize growth and performance for both timber and non-timber values, restoring forest ecosystem dynamics to ensure long term ecological, social and economic sustainability. We seasonaly have reforestation operations in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. 

Brinkman provides a full suite of silviculture services to a wide range of private forest land managers, crown land licensees, and government clients. Our success comes from a dedication to high quality, on time performance and a great employment experience for our workforce.

Although treeplanting remains a primary activity, our crews also perform thousands of hectares of browse protection, brushing, spacing, surveying, fire control, slash burning and precommercial thinning. In BC we also offer the unique service of taking on 100% of the legal liability to bring plantations to “free to grow” status, thus freeing forest product companies from this responsibility.

Years after trees have been planted they often require maintenance to ensure optimal growth. This term encompasses a few different jobs, namely:

Brushing – involves using either manual or power saws to cut back competing vegetation around the planted trees.

Spacing – involves removing selected trees so that there is more room and less competition for the remaining ones.

Girdling – is a technique for competition control that involves using a manual or power tool to cut a ring around a tree’s bark.

Pruning – involves cutting select branches off trees to encourage height growth and minimize disease.

Herbicide Application – involves spraying or using another type of application of products designed to kill off competing species. Certification required.

Browse Protection – At the time of planting, various methods of protection might be applied to the tree to keep the deer and other rodents from eating the trees. Years later, these supplies need to be repaired or removed. 

Surveying – This type of work performs various types of plots, primarily on existing plantations and provides information accordingly. 

Brinkman has a history of practical innovation, including developing practical tools, techniques, operational systems, treatments and forest policy.