BC Coast

The coast is typically suited for planters who have previous planting experience. The terrain tends to be demanding and the quality requirements can be very specific, with higher prices accordingly. For the north and central coast much of the access is barge or helicopter only with crews staying in logging camps, resorts/ fish camps, or mobile marine camps. The south coast is generally drive access and is more often based out of motels or tent camps. Crew sizes are typically smaller, where 30 persons is a large crew and the average has 12-20.

Coastal Seasons – early Spring and Fall work

The coastal spring plant typically starts mid February to early March and can last into June, but the bulk of the work is done by late April/ early May, when our crews move to the interior following the snow melt.
The fall plant usually starts mid August and can continue well into October.

For more information on Coastal work contact:

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[email protected]

Attn: John Beaton

BC Coastal Coordinator




Barry Needham – Barry’s crew is very consistent from year to year but a few spots occasionally open up. As he did last year, he will be only doing spring and fall work on the north island. Martin will continue running the interior portion. Overall the flow of work will be as in past years with a month each of work in the spring and fall, with 2 months in the interior in the middle. Barry will only be taking on experienced coastal planters that are committed to doing the interior with Martin, Rainer, or Jonas

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Brian Bullock – Mr. Bullock is once again going remote, with his coastal projects this spring starting the last week of February and running until late April. This work is high priced, but highly technical – the usual boats, barges, and helicopters. As such, only planters with a background in tough, coastal planting will be considered. His crew then moves to the BC Interior for 2.5 months to work on a large direct award project formerly run by Jeremy Weddell. Brian is an excellent manager of marine logistics and runs a fast loyal crew.


Brian Beaudry – Mr. Beaudry's coastal season will begin in early March running until late April. Planters with a background in tough, coastal planting will be considered. He then moves to Direct Award projects in the Cariboo for the interior season from the first week of May until early July. His coast will be spent in remote marine accommodations and the interior is all tent camping on a piece of land we have been for the last 7 years.

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Jeremy Cameron – Mr. Cameron will be starting his early March coastal season on the North Island working with a 2 truck motel based crew and will then flow into remote coastal work. Jeremy will have a high return rate to the coast so any remaining spots will go to planters with a background in tough, coastal planting. Jeremy will then move into the Interior with an anticipated start date of early May. A high percent of the staff are returning, the crew has a high component of coastal planters and the earnings are solid.