About Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd.

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The Brinkman treeplanting story began half a century ago on a cut block in British Columbia. The trees we planted on that first contract are now older than most of our crew members. Since then we've planted more than a billion and a quarter trees, transforming the forestry industry along the way.

Planting trees is no longer seen as an investment in the distant future. It's part of the cost of cutting timber today. But thanks to Brinkman best practices, the forests we plant now are healthier than ever — ensuring a better-quality yield the next time. That's sustainability in action.

Having our hands in the soil all this time has taught us how natural systems work together, supporting and enriching human communities. Without stewardship, without balance, there is no economy. We've learned how to plant a sapling – or an idea – so its roots grow strong and deep.

Success in the field means success for our crews. Brinkman has provided safe, rewarding employment to thousands of workers over the decades. Season after season, we're proud to welcome back the most motivated planters in North America – true forest athletes. If you're ready to join us, please visit our sister site: PlantingThePlanet.com

About Our Founders

Our Founder Image.jpgAlmost half a century ago, Dirk Brinkman traveled west to test his mettle in the B.C. wilderness. After a few years of lumberjacking, he and a group of friends won one of the first tree planting contracts in Canada opting to plant trees instead. Those saplings have grown up fast, and once he and co-founder Joyce Murray incorporated in 1979, their tree planting business grew quickly too, transforming the world of environmental entrepreneurship along the way.

Brinkman and Associates Reforestation Ltd., since has redefined the art and science of forestry. Planting trees is no longer seen as an investment in the distant future. It's part of the cost of cutting timber today. But thanks to Dirk and his amazing team of technical innovators, the forests we plant now are healthier — delivering a better-quality yield the next time. Those lessons have traveled a long way.

Having put Canadian forest policy on a sustainable track, Brinkman started seeing other troubled ecosystems in need of market-driven solutions. From the tropical forests of Central America to the traditional lands of indigenous communities in Northern BC, Brinkman Group has built businesses out of re-balancing vital earth systems. From the water in the soil up to the carbon in the canopy, healthy forests make healthy economies. It's a simple idea, but as Dirk would say, our future depends on it.

Brinkman History Timeline

Operations expand into South America 2015
2010 One Billion Trees Planted
Continued growth in First Nations partnerships
Policy initiatives in silviculture funding
Policy development on fertilizer handling and safety for silviculture workers
2001 Rapid growth in tropical forestry activities
1999 Development of Forest Trust initiative
Commercial thinning operations 1998
1998 Signator, National Forest Accord
Heli video GIS/GPS data collection for ecological restoration 1997
1995 Forest Renewal BC steering committee member
Ecosystem restoration division founded 1994
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