Our Work

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Brinkman offers a suite of specialized forestry services across Canada.

Types of Work

Full Cycle Silviculture Services

Brinkman is dedicated to looking at forest management in a holistic way, utilizing ecosystem based management techniques to integrate the multiple values that the forest ecosystem provides for people and the environment in a sustainable way.

Safety & First Aid Qualifications & Expertise

Brinkman & Associates Reforestation Ltd. continually strives to top level training and certifying to remain at the forefront of safety standards and innovation in the forest industry. 

Our employees are trained in the following safety certifications as needed:

OFA Level 1
OFA Level 2
OFA Level 3
S-100 (Fire Suppression)
Bear Aware
Industrial Avalanche Safety
Quad Training
Resource Road Driving
Wild Life Danger Tree

Where we Work


Providing a safe, professional, rewarding workplace…

Brinkman & Associates began working in Ontario in 1982 and has spearheaded the growth and the diversification of the Ontario silviculture industry. Today, Brinkman operates offices out of Ottawa, Thunder Bay and the GTA. We also maintain equipment warehouses in both North Bay, Thunder Bay and Dryden. We plant between 15 and 20 million trees in Ontario every year.


Brinkman has been successfully operating in Alberta for years in a variety of silviculture activities. This extensive experience helps us efficiently tackle the varied conditions of the Alberta landscape. From flat ground and trenches to high-lead slopes; from gumbo to heli access, we have seen it all. Our supervisors and staff are always able to mitigate the project’s complexities for their planters – which keeps productivity and earnings high.

BC Interior

Our BC interior work is composed of mostly direct award projects we have been planting in previous years.

While the bulk of our BC Interior work occurs between April 20th and June 25th, we do have a number of summer plants running until mid or late July, as well as lots of summer work in Alberta.

For more information about working in the BC interior contact:

Matt.JPG[email protected]

Attn: Matt Robertson...

BC Coast

The coast is typically suited for planters who have previous planting experience. The terrain tends to be demanding and the quality requirements can be very specific, with higher prices accordingly. For the north and central coast much of the access is barge or helicopter only with crews staying in logging camps, resorts/ fish camps, or mobile marine camps. The south coast is generally drive access and is more often based out of motels or tent camps. Crew sizes are typically smaller, where 30 persons is a large crew and the average has 12-20.

Coastal Seasons – early Spring and Fall work